Here are some size guides to help you measure for the correct fit, all the below can be downloaded from this link


Size charts/ Measuring Guide PDFs

There are size charts with measuring tips and diagrams for the below categories:

Please note: Items that are sold in age are converted in CMs with senior items remaining in inches as per our catalogue.


Measuring Guide Video:

A simple video that explains how to measure for each of our main product areas; trousers, skirts, shirts/ blouses and Jackets/ Blazers. This has been put together using current footage as we do not have the resource to produce any new footage right now. There is no voice over but some jazzy music and the captions explains how to measure. This will also be uploaded to our YouTube channel -

Downloadable Tape Measure:

As many parents will switch to online purchases or they may need to know their child’s measurements before they visit a store as changing rooms will be closed, we have created a fully functional downloadable tape measure. Available in both inches and centimetres, you simply print it, stick it together and bingo! We’ve even tested it out as a home schooling task, watch the video on our Facebook page here

Bespoke Point of Sale/ Instore signage:

If any of your customers require help to design in store safety signs or other promotional materials, please get in touch with Sam to discuss their requirements. These items are normally co-branded and retailers can support their community by sourcing local printers or they might use them digitally for their website. 

Myself and Sam have worked really hard on these items and I hope they will be useful. If you think of any other items/ suggestions in the coming weeks please forward them on and we will look to build on the above offering where resource and time allows.

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